Thursday, July 8, 2010

Visit with the Nutritionist

Today I took Oliver to see a nutritionist. Actually, I took all three kids and we had to wait for nearly two hours and it was a bit of a disaster. The nutritionist does indeed think that an elemental formula will be very beneficial for Oliver. She gave me the green light to try him out on the formula and wean him off of breastmilk should he take to the formula. I am so ready to be done with nursing, and not just because it would mean I would be able to eat how I'm used to (or rather, how I used to used to eating). Actually, I think it will be very strange to go back to "normal" eating knowing that Oliver can't. I feel guilty about it already! Nursing really isn't my thing to begin with, and given the choice I would have weaned him several months ago. But I didn't have that choice, so that's partially why it's been hard, I imagine. It's also hard for me to give up things that he just *might* be allergic to. Though I love milk, it's not too hard to give it up because I see how it affects him when I have it (it clearly causes him to break out in a rash). For the others, it's not so clear and that makes it hard for me.

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