Monday, July 19, 2010

First Post-Diagnosis GI Visit

Today we went to the GI for our first visit with him since the endoscopy last month. Jordan attended the APFED Patient Education Conference this past weekend and, as a result, had many questions for our doctor. The doctor would like us to try to wean Oliver off the budesonide to see how he does without any medication and just on diet modifications. We are currently at two doses a day and we are supposed to do one dose for a week and then a half a dose for a week. He didn't specifically state when he wanted to do another endoscopy and this seemed to bother Jordan. I left the appointment feeling okay about things, but Jordan was not as content. His complaints are all things that can be discussed and sorted out at a future visit. Jordan is concerned that we aren't doing things systematically enough, that we aren't testing one variable at a time. I argue that that's difficult given our situation (Oliver was already off so many things pre-diagnosis and we don't want to re-introduce them right now just so we can more accurately figure out what is causing the eosinophils in his esophagus, plus for the most part he's only ever gotten the "bad things" via my breastmilk). I also feel like we need to do whatever we need to right now to get Oliver to gain weight (He's gained approximately a pound in the past eight months) and the GI and the allergist agree with me. Jordan also agrees that that is important, but still wishes things could be a bit more systematic.

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