Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Endoscopy

Yesterday was Oliver's endoscopy. The doctor was running late, thus we spent a lot of time waiting. We were taken back right away, but just to get a gown on him and get his weight. We were sent back to the waiting room and waiting with a baby who has had nothing to eat for over 12 hours was hard. Eventually we were brought back again and we were told what would happen and spoke briefly with the doctor - his pediatric GI. Jordan and I set off to find something to eat and when returned Oliver was done and in recovery. He was screaming and not happy and very much wanting to nurse. I felt bad that he had been like this for awhile, but they had our cell phone number so they would have called if too much time had passed before we came back. The doctor said that he saw signs of an allergic reaction in the esophagus and would have official results for us in a few days.

This morning he was throwing up and just generally not feeling well, but he seems to be doing much better tonight.

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