Monday, May 10, 2010

Afraid to Commit

This post was written before Oliver was diagnosed with EoE, when we thought he had Celiac. I have kept it here because overall it still applies.

I realized yesterday at the store how very afraid I am of all of this. I'm slowly learning, but perhaps not as quickly as I should. One big thing (to me at least) is finding the gluten free flour substitute that tastes good and is a good price. I keep telling my husband that I need to figure that out, but I don't. And I know it's because I'm afraid. Instead of finding a good quality substitute, I just do without most of the time. It works for me now (as I go gluten-free because I am still nursing him), but it is not a long term solution because eventually he will want cookies and sandwiches just like everyone else. I start to see it already as he grabs for his brother's cupcake. I tell myself that it's okay because even if he wasn't celiac I wouldn't let him have it due to his age. But soon that won't be an excuse anymore.

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