Sunday, April 18, 2010

I Wish I Knew

This post was written before Oliver was diagnosed with EoE, when we thought he had Celiac. I have kept it here because overall, it still applies.

It's so hard having a sick baby. A baby can't tell you what, if anything, is hurting. With Oliver it seems so much harder. Last night he threw up and today he was just not himself. I wish I knew why. Was the vomiting a fluke or the result of a gluten ingestion? I wish he could tell me if his stomach was hurting. Anytime he cries I wonder. I'm sure it will always be like that to some extent. But if he can tell me if his stomach hurts, then we can try and pinpoint a food that may be causing it. Right now there is just so much I don't know - about his food allergies and his potential celiac - and so much that he can't tell me, that I second guess everything.

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