Thursday, February 17, 2011

Just Keeping On Keeping On

We've realized that we've hit a major stumbling block in Oliver's treatment. That is, his inability to communicate with us! When Oliver is being particularly cranky, we'll sometimes ask him if something hurts. He often nods yes and points to his mouth. We've tested this out on other occasions when we know what is hurting him (for example, when he bumps his head on something) and he'll point to the correct hurting body part. But, aside from pointing to his mouth, he can't tell us if he has a hard time swallowing food (his eating would indicate that he does), or if sometimes he hurts more than others. I feel like we can't move forward until either something drastic happens (as in, he starts vomiting frequently again or starts to loose weight) or until he can better tell us what he feels.

So, we just keep on doing what we're doing. He does seem to be doing well with his weight gain, despite the fact that some days, he refuses to drink some of his EleCare. I wouldn't describe him as being a happy kid, but who knows if it's just his temperament or if he's cranky because his throat hurts all the time. 

I did pull pork from his diet too. I mentioned previously that he was still vomiting occasionally and, well, he was also eating pork only occasionally. I looked at a food diary I had been keeping and felt like the times he ate pork corresponded well enough to the times he was getting sick, so I stopped giving it to him. Now, apart from an isolated incident last week, there's been no vomiting. We think that was due to some potato chips that he was eating that had a milk ingredient, which we didn't realize until after the fact (apparently, ridges require milk, the same brand, same flavor no ridges had no milk and we just weren't as careful as we should have been). Of course, there's no way to know for certain if that's what made him sick, but it's the only thing we can think of.


  1. just found your blog.... so happy to have this blogging community. your story is so similar to ours and i think our kids are really close in age. My son will be 2 may 9.

  2. Oliver looks so healthy! You are doing a great job with his food challenges!

    Ted is allergic to milk protein including goats milk. We have been quite surprised at how it is in seemingly benign foods. Can you believe soy cheese frequently has dairy in it?

  3. Sorry, apparently I am having problems leaving comments on your blog.

    I just found your blog. It sounds as though our boys have similar stories but you are a year deeper into it. Our son will be 1 on April 5th and was diagnosed with EoE and EoC a few weeks ago. I'm in the process of creating a blog to document our journey as we go along this EE path but between the 5 kids, me going to school/doing homework, church callings, doctors appointments, and trying to force-feed a kid who doesn't want to eat, blogging only happens when I find the time.

    Are you in the Phoenix area and if so, who is O's GI and allergist?

  4. (I am Julia but it puts it as Momma J. I don't know why it did that but I'll try to go fix it.)

  5. Hi Julia!
    Unfortunately, we are not in the Phoenix area, though I wish we were as that is where I grew up. :) I wish you the best in your journey and look forward to checking out your blog.