Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Better Than We Thought

Oliver's doctor called with biopsy results and surprisingly enough, they are good! He's down to 15 or less eosinophils whereas before he was at "too numerous to count".  The continued furrowing is just due to the fact that his esophagus hasn't healed yet (and that may take awhile).

This means that we're doing a good job of keeping him off the foods that make him sick. I have this nagging feeling that there is still one thing we are missing, but at the same time I feel comfortable staying along this path for the time being as long as Oliver is not loosing weight and seems generally happy. On the flip side, chances are good that he's off some food that he doesn't need to be. His doctor suggested waiting several months before trialing foods just to be sure he stays okay. We didn't discuss if we wanted Oliver to be at zero eosinophils before trialing new foods, but that's clearly something that we don't need to decide in the immediate future.

I asked about the continued vomiting and irritability and the doctor said that more or less, his body just remembers when it really did hurt to eat and responds in such a manner. As for the irritability, he's a kid. I still really think he's kind of an abnormally cranky child. But until he learns to tell us when he's hurting, we'll not know for sure.

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  1. I had no idea your little Oliver was going through this. It sounds like such a challenge. My thoughts and prayers are with you.