Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Half a Dose Doesn't Quite Cut It

Last week, we were giving Oliver just a half of a dose of his budesonide slurry. At first, it was hard to tell if he was doing okay with just that little bit. He seemed a bit irritable, but he's a baby so that could be due to many things and not just the lack of medicine. On Friday night it was pretty clear that he was not happy and then he vomited a lot. Saturday wasn't much better, and we wished it wasn't the weekend so that we could call the doctor! He was refusing his bottle and not really eating much else either. We were getting him to drink water, though.

On Monday night, the nurse returned our call from earlier that day. She just left a message because we weren't home and wasn't much help. We finally spoke to the GI and he wants to give Oliver flovent. According to him, it will be sort of a step in between the budesonide and nothing. So, just a way to wean him off medicines a bit more gently.

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