Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going to the Allergist

Yesterday was our first post-diagnosis visit to the allergist (to any doctor, actually). We are not sure how much we really like this doctor, but he seems to be fairly knowledgeable about EoE and I feel like he genuinely cares about Oliver. He suggested we use swallowed budesonide (normally an asthma medicine that is inhaled). This would help get rid of the eosinophils in Oliver's esophagus and hopefully eliminate any pain he is feeling and thus allow him to eat and gain weight! He cautioned us that this isn't a cure, simply a band-aid of sorts. Initially, he had us using a nebulizer to administer it, but this morning he called us to tell us about the budesonide slurry a mixture of budesonide and splenda that the child drinks. We may have to try that if Oliver continues to refuse to sit still for the nebulizer. I am just concerned that he may not willingly drink the slurry.

He also sent us for a few more RAST tests to see if we should be eliminating more foods. He really wants us to see a nutritionist and thinks that elemental formula may be in our future.

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