Sunday, November 20, 2011

Six Months Later

Recently, my cousin was asking how Oliver was doing and then said that she should maybe just check the blog. Oops. That won't work if I don't write anything here!

As of last report, we were planning on starting Oliver on fish. I focused mainly on tuna, because it's easy to prepare. I didn't realize it would be difficult to find tuna that was not packed in vegetable broth (with soy). Seriously, next time you're at the grocery store, check the ingredients on a can of tuna and if doesn't have soy please tell me the brand! I lucked out because the Costco brand of albacore is soy free. He is doing quite well on fish as far as we can tell, except for an increase in urinating that seems to really strongly correspond with his fish intake.

His last GI visit was a few weeks ago and the doctor said he didn't see a need for repeat endoscopy unless symptoms pop up. That works for us for the most part. The only thing I worry about is that Oliver has perhaps gotten used to stomach pain, so it's becomes normal for him and as a result he wouldn't complain until things were really bad. He's getting a lot more vocal about everything, so hopefully he will let us know if anything is off.

We've also completely pulled him off his PPI. He was not showing any signs of pain on days he didn't get it (or on day two or three of not having it), so with the doctor's blessing we went ahead and stopped it all together. If he did have reflux along with his EoE, he could have possibly outgrown the reflux. If he did not have reflux, the PPI could have been just helping to keep the eosinophils under control (eosinophils like acidic places, so if the PPI is lowering acid, there would be less eosinphils), or perhaps the PPI was doing nothing at all!


  1. good to get an update, I looked at all the tuna in my cabinet and you are right SOY! Keep us up on whats going on!

  2. I like the updates!