Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bring on the Tuna!

Based on all outward appearances, Oliver continues to thrive. I hate answering the question of how he's doing (hate is really the wrong word, I'll gladly answer, you'll just have to be prepared for a strange answer!) because based on everything we can measure and everything we can see, he is doing so well. But there's still this nagging feeling I have that he is still hurting. Though, I will admit, as he throws up less (It's easily been at least two months since he last vomited) and swallows more (instead of just spitting food out) those feelings do lessen. And, right now I don't feel like removing more foods is really the answer, so we're stuck between a rock and a hard place until Oliver can communicate how he's feeling.

So, we trial foods. Though in the case of this first one, we're actually introducing a food that he's never had before and that he had very little exposure to via my breastmilk when he was nursing - fish. Yesterday, he had some tuna (because opening a can of tuna is pretty much the extent of my fish cooking and prep knowledge) and I plan on waiting a day or two to see if anything happens before giving him some more. I'm excited that he could possibly have a little more variety in his diet.


  1. I hope the tuna worked out... My son is 2 1/2 and on an completely elemental diet... I know how you feel waiting for the day that he can communicate with you how he's feeling... My son has now just begun to tell us. We have trialed 4 foods, and it can be so upsetting. He now understands that the foods hurt him, so introducing a food to him can be super upsetting, and if he fails he actually connects that the food he was eating made him feel like that. Our last trial was banana's and he actually cried while puking and said 'no more nana's momma no more' It broke my heart. We're taking a break now, and being content on our dr's suggestion that Jake is happy with his neocate and getting everything he needs from it... We'll probably look back into trials next year.