Thursday, December 2, 2010

Endoscopy #2

Yesterday, Oliver had his second endoscopy. Everything went wonderfully (despite a slightly delayed start) and biopsy results should be back early next week. We wanted this endoscopy because we suspected that he is still eating something that is triggering the EoE. There was no significant improvement in his esophagus - still plenty of furrowing.  Here's a good comparison of a normal esophagus and a furrowed esophagus. 

I very much suspect that this means we will be majorly tweaking Oliver's diet in the near future. This makes me think back to a year ago, when I began tweaking my own diet. His 6 months well child check-up was just a few days before Thanksgiving. The doctor took a look at his rash (eczema) and suspected it may be caused by the milk in my diet (since I was breastfeeding him).  If only we knew what we were really headed towards!

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